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How often should I have my certified ruler or gauge recertified?
The time period depends on your specific quality program and the amount of use (abuse) the item receives. Some quality programs require recertification on an annual basis, others less frequently. Normal use of a ruler or gauge will not change the accuracy. A ruler or gauge has no moving parts and cannot go out of adjustment or be calibrated as in the case of micrometers, vernier calipers, etc.. Normal temperature changes encountered in the workplace are reversible, that is with an increase in temperature a ruler or gauge will expand (as will the item being measured), on return to the original temperature the ruler or gauge will also return to the beginning dimensions. Certified rulers should be checked regularly for damage and be recertified immediately on the discovery of any damage. GEI International, Inc. recommends that certified products be recertified at least every three years. Whatever you decide to choose as a period of time for the recertification, please be sure to document the procedures that you are to follow in your quality manual and documents.

How do I get my certified ruler or gauge recertified?
Please Click Here to download shipping instructions and other information to return your item to GEI International, Inc. for recertification.

Is it possible to view a certificate for your Model 2020A Stock Certified Rulers?
Yes – Please Click Here to view a pdf file of the certificate.

Is it possible for you to change your standard certificate?
Yes – Please contact us with your exact requirements and we can let you know what we are able to provide.

What is the accuracy of my certified ruler or gauge?
This depends on the specific model and length of the ruler or gauge. For example our model 2020A-12 Stock Certified 12" Ruler normally has an overall accuracy of plus or minus 0.005". The accuracy tolerance for a certified product is always contained in the certificate and this should be noted when recertifying an item.

Can I get a copy of a certificate for a certified ruler that I purchased in the past?
Yes – Copies of certificates are available for rulers that are less than three years old at no charge, for rulers that are over three years old we will have to retrieve documents from storage and there is a nominal charge. Please contact us for copy certificates; we will need to know the exact model number, serial number and the length.

I see that you have a range of stock certified rulers and gauges, is it possible to certify your other rulers and gauges?

Usually we are able to certify most of our products. Due to economies of scale, the 'stock certified' products are always less expensive. We can quote prices for the certification of specific products, please contact us with the exact model number and length together with the quantity that you require.


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