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Stainless Steel Ruler, Scale and Gauge Manufacturing

Over 450 stock stainless steel rulers, scales, gauges and many custom stainless steel products are manufactured by GEI International, Inc. All the stainless steel rulers and gauges shown on this web site and in our paper catalogs, without exception are manufactured from raw stainless steel in the 8,000 square foot facility of GEI International, Inc. on Ball Street in East Syracuse, New York, U.S.A.. No manufacturing operations are outsourced or subcontracted. Shipment of finished products is made direct from this facility.

All of the stainless steel rulers, scales and gauges produced by GEI International, Inc. are manufactured from the highest quality grade 301 stainless steel which is suitably tempered for ruler use. The stainless steel is durable and will not rust or corrode. Inferior grade 400 series stainless steels will rust and corrode. All graduations, markings and graphics on the rulers are permanently etched and black filled for legibility. The graphics, graduations and markings will not rub off as can happen with silk-screened or printed rulers. The rulers will survive harsh environments, are relatively stable and will provide a lifetime of use. The rulers and gauges have a natural brushed stainless steel finish.

The proprietary ruler and gauge manufacturing process developed by GEI International, Inc. utilizes a combination of a precision photo-engraving and specialized computer controlled machine tools to insure a high degree of accuracy, repeatability and quality. All critical operations are environmentally controlled for temperature and humidity. Stainless steel rulers and gauges provide an accuracy and stability not possible in rulers and gauges manufactured from wood, plastic, aluminum, etc.. All production masters are digitally produced by computers to provide crisp, clean and accurate graduations and graphics.

GEI International, Inc. controls and performs all manufacturing operations from raw stainless steel to finished rulers and gauges in house. Each manufacturing operation involves quality control checks and all products are final inspected before shipment.

Many quality control programs such as the ISO-9000 require certificates of calibrations or certificates of accuracy for rulers, scales and gauges used in commercial and industrial applications. GEI International, Inc. is able to offer in most cases the required certificates and documentation together with accuracy traceable to known and accepted national standards (NIST, etc.). Stock and custom products can be certified and all products are normally produced with individual serial numbers cross referenced to appropriate certificates. A range of 'stock' certified rulers and gauges are available for immediate delivery from stock.

The proprietary GEI International, Inc. ruler and gauge manufacturing process is efficient and flexible and allows for the custom manufacture of special rulers, scales, gauges and other items in both small and large quantities at reasonable prices. We can produce private label and brand label products to either your or our specifications.

To develop custom products we can work from ideas and sketches, detailed engineering drawings and electronic design files. Complete specifications can be developed before manufacturing to provide exactly the product that is required.

GEI International, Inc. manufactures a wide range of custom imprinted promotional products that are produced with unique imprints, logos, etc. We offer a standard range of stainless steel rulers, scales, charts and gauges for custom imprinting and can also imprint regular stock rulers and custom products.

All imprinted products are custom manufactured, the imprint is photo-engraved and etched at the same time as the other graduations, markings and graphics on an item are produced. These are high quality etched imprints that are superior to imprints produced by silk-screening, pad printing or other methods. An etched imprint will not rub off.


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