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ZOOM Measuring Magnifier and Optical Comparator, 8x to 16x - Model ONS-0390

ZOOM Measuring Magnifier and Optical Comparator, 8x to 16x -  Model ONS-0390
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Price: $398.00
Product ID : ONS-0390
Weight: 0.50 lbs

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Magnifier, ONS-0390 . . . . . . . . . . . . $398.00 each
Magnifier & Flashlight, ONS-0391 . . . .$443.75 each
OPS-0001 Reticle: ZC Inch/mm . . . . . $32.50 each
OPS-0002 Reticle: ZC mm . . . . . . . . . $32.50 each
OPS-0005 Reticle: ZC Inch/mm-White .$56.50 each
OPS-0022 Reticle: Multi-Purpose . . . . .$32.50 each
OPS-9507 Replacement Clear Base For ZOOM Magnifier - ONS-0390 . . . . . . . . . . . . .$19.90each
*Private Label and Branding available


A precision ZOOM measuring magnifier and optical comparator with infinitely adjustable magnifying powers from 8x to 16x.

The smooth precision zoom mechanism operates steplessly by a turn of a knurled ring to provide variable magnifying powers from 8x to 16x.

The zoom magnifier also incorporates a focusing ring for fine adjustments at different zoom levels. A window displays the magnification power and there are convenient 'click' stops at 8x, 12x, 14x and 16x. The zoom feature operates in a similar fashion to that of a camera.

Interchangeable glass measuring reticles are available for this zoom magnifier for the accurate inspection and measurement of linear dimensions as small as 0.005" or 0.1mm.

When an object is viewed through the magnifier, dimensions may be measured quickly and accurately from the scale that is superimposed on the viewed object by the reticle at the base of the zoom magnifier.

Many different styles of reticles are available. For large size images of these reticles, click the link in the 'Reticle Specifications' shown below.

Reticle Specifications:

Reticles are available for measuring linear length in inches or millimeters, hole diameters, radius dimensions, angles, etc..

The reticles are manufactured from glass with the graduations on the outside surface which is in contact with the item being measured. This eliminates any inaccuracies due to parallax errors.

The glass reticles are extremely stable and have sharp and crisp black (or white in some cases) graduations which are accurate and easy to read. One reticle is available with "WHITE"' graduations which is especially useful for measuring dark surfaces such as photographic negatives, etc.. Reticles are secured to the base of the magnifier by a threaded knurled ring and are quick and easy to change.

The following reticles are available for this magnifier:

Click 'linked' model numbers below to view an oversize picture of each reticle.

OPS-0001 - Zero Centered Inch and metric scales. Inches to 0.005" on the top and mm to 0.1mm on the bottom.

OPS-0002 - Zero Centered Metric scale. mm to 0.1mm. Note: Smallest graduation is 0.5mm, except the first mm to the right of zero which is 0.1mm and the second mm to the right of zero which is 0.2mm.

OPS-0005 - Same as OPS-0001 above but with 'WHITE' graduations.

OPS-0022 - Zero Centered 0.1mm. Left to Right Inches to 0.005". 90 degree protractor, radius arcs & hole sizes.

General Magnifier Information:

Each zoom magnifier incorporates a coated, color corrected achromatic multiple lens system which provides bright, crisp, clear, color corrected and distortion free viewing.

Stepless zoom magnifying powers from 8x to 16x with 'click stops' at 8x, 12x, 14x and 16x.

The clear base of the zoom magnifiers admit light from all directions to illuminate the viewed object and a flashlight unit is available for low light areas.

The lens diameter is 10mm (0.390") and the field of view varies from 18mm (0.709") at 8x to 10mm (0.390") at 16x.

Two units are available, a regular zoom magnifier and the same zoom magnifier incorporated into a portable flashlight. On the flashlight magnifier, the actual magnifier is identical to the regular magnifier and easily removes from the flashlight unit for independent use.

The flashlight magnifier requires two 'C' cell batteries (not supplied) and replacement bulbs are readily available.

All units are supplied with a protective lens cap and the regular magnifier includes a leatherette storage and carrying case.

Order the  zoom magnifiers and the exact reticles you require.

For large size images of the reticles, click the links in 'Reticle Specifications' shown above.

Historical Model #s: ONS-0390, ONS-0390A, ONS-0391, ONS-0391A, OPS-0001, OPS-0001A, OPS-0002, OPS-0002A, OPS-0005, OPS-0005A, OPS-0022, OPS-0022A, OPS-9507, OPS-9507A

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