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Extra Long Stainless Steel Rulers & Machine Scales, Inch & Metric 1/32", cm, mm - Left to Right, 0 to 192" - Model 3000A

Extra Long Stainless Steel Rulers & Machine Scales, Inch & Metric 1/32", cm, mm - Left to Right, 0 to 192" - Model 3000A
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Price: $108.64
Product ID : 3000A
Weight: 1.00 lbs

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0 to 48" ....... 1st. section: $108.64 each
48" to 96" ..... 2nd. section: $108.64 each
96" to 144" .... 3rd. section: $108.64 each
144" to 192" ... 4th. section: $108.64 each
Set of all the sections, 0 to 192": $350.00 per set
*Private Label and Branding available


A range of more unusual stainless steel rulers and scales available from stock with no minimum order quantities. Long scale lengths of up to 192" (4877mm) are made possible by supplying multiple 4’ (1219mm) lengths which are flush ended, consecutively numbered and correctly registered so they can be mounted to form a continuous long scale length.

The individual scale lengths may also be cut at different lengths to give any specific length required.

These scales are ideal for mounting on machinery, tanks, tables, shear beds, etc.. The ideal solution where long scales or rulers are required.

Each individual 4’ (1219mm) section is 1 1/8” (28.6mm) wide and 0.030” (0.8mm) thick.

Horizontal Reading Scales – 0-192” (0-4877mm).

These scales are numbered and graduated to read horizontally and read from left to right. The same scales reading from right to left are available - see GEI Model 3003A.The scales are graduated in inches to 1/32” on the top edge and mm numbered in centimeters on the bottom edge.

For applications where a zero centered scale is required, right to left and left to right reading scales may be butted together at the zero flush end point enabling up to a 32’ (9754mm) continuous scale to be mounted. Use this scale, GEI Model 3000A and GEI Model 3003A.

Any single or all individual sections may be ordered.

All graduations and markings are etched and black filled.

Historical Model #s: 3000, 3000A, 3000A-48, 3000A-48A, 3000A-96, 3000A-96A, 3000A-14, 3000A-14A, 3000A-19, 3000A-19A

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