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Railroad Stainless Steel Rulers, String Line Gauges and Paddle Sets - Model RFS-0001

Railroad Stainless Steel Rulers, String Line Gauges and Paddle Sets - Model RFS-0001
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Price: $195.00
Product ID : RFS-0001
Weight: 1.00 lbs

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A set of one special vertical reading 9" long stainless steel measuring ruler and two custom manufactured aluminum paddles specifically for measuring the curvature and profile of railroad tracks.

The paddles are joined by a piece of cord or string (not supplied) and positioned as shown on the portion of track where the curvature is to be measured. The dimension 'X' in the picture above is measured with the special ruler at the mid point between the two paddles. The ruler has 1" of graduations before zero enabling the dimension 'X' to be measured directly from the scale of the ruler with no calculations necessary. Each 1" measured for 'X' is one degree of curvature.

The paddles are manufactured from 0.125" thick aluminum. The ruler is manufactured from suitably tempered 0.032" (0.813mm) thick stainless steel. The ruler is two sided and features a 1/8" scale on both edges of one side and a 1/16" scale on both edges of the other side. Both scales have a 'sub zero' of one inch. The length of the measuring scales is 9" and the overall size is 13" (330.2mm) long and 1.25" (31.75mm) wide. The ruler has a 1/4" (6.35mm) hanging hole at one end.

All graduations and markings on the ruler are etched and black filled.

Historical Model #s: RFS-0001, RFS-0001A, 0908R-13, 0908R-13A, RAS-0001, RAS-0001A

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