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Stand Measuring Microscopes & Measuring Reticles, 25x to 100x - Models MNS-0050-90

Stand Measuring Microscopes & Measuring Reticles, 25x to 100x - Models MNS-0050-90
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Price: $232.00
Product ID : MNS-0050-90
Weight: 0.75 lbs

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25x Shop Microscope, MNS-0050 . . . $232.00 each
0.002" Graduated Reticle, 0.125" Long for 25x, MPS-0010 . . $44.50 each
0.05mm Graduated Reticle, 3.30mm Long for 25x, MPS-0020 . . $44.50 each
50x Shop Microscope, MNS-0070 . . . $258.00 each
0.001" Graduated Reticle, 0.080" Long for 50x, MPS-0030 . . $44.50 each
0.02mm Graduated Reticle, 2.00mm Long for 50x, MPS-0040 . . $44.50 each
75x Shop Microscope, MNS-0080 . . . $287.00 each
0.0005" Graduated Reticle, 0.043" Long for 75x, MPS-0100 . . $44.50 each
0.01mm Graduated Reticle, 1.09mm Long for 75x, MPS-0110 . . $44.50 each
100x Shop Microscope, MNS-0090 . . . $323.00 each
0.0005" Graduated Reticle, 0.033" Long for 100x, MPS-0120 . . $79.50 each
0.005mm Graduated Reticle, 0.84mm Long for 100x, MPS-0130 . . $79.50 each
Replacement Rubber Eyepiece For All Units, MPS-0180 . . $16.50 each
*Private Label and Branding available


Stand Measuring Microscopes with clear acrylic bases and high quality optics with a fine focusing mechanism.

Four microscopes are available with magnifying powers of 25x, 50x, 75x and 100x.

These microscopes are able to measure both the width, length and the depth of a viewed item. Width and length is measured using the easily interchangeable glass measuring reticles which mount inside the microscope. The microscopes may also be used without the measuring reticle.

The glass measuring reticle projects a measuring scale on top of the item being viewed. Simply measure like a ruler with graduations as small as one half of one thousandth of an inch (0.0005"). Both inch and metric (mm) style reticles are available, see the order table above for exact graduations and fields of view.

Depth is measured in 0.1mm increments on the graduated focusing ring. Focus on the top of the object to be measured and note the reading on the graduated focusing ring. Focus on the bottom of the object to be measured and again note the reading on the graduated focusing ring. Subtract these two readings to give the depth in 0.1mm increments.

The clear acrylic base of the microscopes allows the work piece to receive light from all directions and the rubber eyepiece provides for comfortable use. The acrylic base of the microscopes is 'cut out' to enable a viewed item to be manipulated. The bodies are of quality aluminum construction.

The size of the microscopes is 41.5mm (1.634") in diameter and 122mm (4.803") high.

All microscopes are supplied in a hinged plastic storage and carrying case.

All microscopes are supplied without a measuring reticle, order only the reticles you need. Please note that reticles are only interchangeable between microscopes of the same magnifying power.

Historical Model #s: MNS-0050, MNS-0050A, MNS-0070, MNS-0070A, MNS-0080, MNS-0080A, MNS-0090, MNS-0090A, MPS-0010, MPS-0010A, MPS-0020, MPS-0020A, MPS-0030, MPS-0030A, MPS-0040, MPS-0040A, MPS-0100, MPS-0100A, MPS-0110, MPS-0110A, MPS-0120, MPS-0120A, MPS-0130, MPS-0130A, MPS-0180, MPS-0180A, MPS-0190, MPS-0190A

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