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Pocket Measuring Microscopes, 20x and 40x - Model MNS-0210-20

Pocket Measuring Microscopes, 20x and 40x -  Model MNS-0210-20
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Price: $54.96
Product ID : MNS-0210-20
Weight: 0.10 lbs

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20x Pocket Microscope, MNS-0210 ..... $54.96 each
40x Pocket Microscope, MNS-0220 ..... $54.96 each
Flashlight Attachment, MPS-0001 ....... $39.85 each
*Private Label and Branding available


Pocket Measuring Microscopes of aluminum construction with a beveled opening which gathers and focuses the light on the work surface.

The lenses in the microscopes are of fixed focus and provide undistorted viewing.

All units feature a 'built in' glass measuring reticle with the graduations for making quick and accurate measurements.

When an object is viewed, the 'built in' measuring reticle projects an image of a measuring scale on the object. Measurements as small as one thousandth of an inch (0.001") may be accurately, quickly and easily be made.

The MNS-0210 20x Microscope features a reticle graduated in 0.002" increments with a field of view of 0.190".

The MNS-0220 40x Microscope features a reticles graduated in 0.001" increments with a field of view of 0.082".

All the microscopes are 7/16" (11.113mm) in diameter and 4 7/8" (123.825mm) long.

Each microscope is supplied complete with a pocket clip.

An optional miniature flashlight which easily attaches to the microscopes with a spring clip is available for use where additional illumination is required. This flashlight enables the microscopes to be used in low light areas. The flashlight is supplied complete with a vinyl storage and carrying case and uses one AAA battery (not supplied).

To view a picture of this flashlight attachment MPS-0001, please click here.

** Please note that the MNS-0200 10x and MNS-0230 50x units have been discontinued and are no longer available.

** Historical Model #s: MNS-0200, MNS-0200A, MNS-0210, MNS-0210A, MNS-0220, MNS-0220A, MNS-0230, MNS-0230A, DUMAURIER, Micro Mike, Micromike, Micro-Mike, 1010, 2010, 4010, 5010

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